F1 - Pink Lakes and Lucky Bay

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  • Duração: 60 Minutos (Aproximadamente)
  • Localização: Gibson, Western Australia
  • Código de produto: F1

Discover Scenery like no other as you Soar over the Snow-White Beaches and Clear, Turquoise Water of Lucky Bay and the Cape Le Grand National Park.  Look down over the stunning Esperance Landscape and Marvel at the unique Pink and Rainbow Coloured Lakes.

Certified by Geoscience Australia as having the whitest sand in the country, Lucky Bay, in the Cape Le Grand National Park is something to behold, and contrasted with the beautiful Turquoise waters of the Southern Ocean, it is even more special when viewed from the Air!

Far from alone in it's stunning allure, Lucky Bay's neighbours, Thistle Cove and Hellfire Bay, overlooked by the Colossal Monoliths of Mount Le Grand and Frenchman Peak, make the Cape Le Grand National Park a must see for any Esperance Visitor.  The Pink Lakes and Lucky Bay Scenic Flight takes you over all these famous locations, and past the inaccessible Southern Bays of the National Park that few people get to experience.

But the uniqueness of the region doesn't stop there.  Ancient Legend has it, that a huge Rainbow-bellied Land Serpent once roamed the area.  As it travelled, when it's belly touched the ground on what is now farmland, it would leave an impression in the dirt, which would fill with colourful water.  The path of the Land Serpent can be seen as far North as Norseman, 200km to our North.

We now know this system of colourful ponds as "The Pink and Rainbow Lakes"

Science tells us, that the Algae Dunaliella Salina, high in Beta Carotene causes the water to change colour.  Because the salinity is different from pond to pond, the result is each pond can be a completely different colour from its neighbour, and at certain times of year, this gives us a striking kaleidoscope, not unlike looking down on giant Gemstones from the air.

Sights along the way of this spectacular Scenic Flight Include:

  • Twilight Bay, Blue Haven and West Beach
  • Esperance Town and Port
  • Woody Island
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • Lucky Bay
  • Thistle Cove, Hellfire Bay and Le Grand Beach
  • Frenchman Peak and Mount Le Grand
  • The Pink and Rainbow Lakes*

Tours require a minimum of 2x passengers to proceed.  If travelling alone, please contact us on 1800-951-251 or use the CONTACT FORM so we can match you up with other passengers on a tour.

*Lake Conditions will vary throughout the year.  The following is an approximate guide only.

  • July-October - Peak Conditions, most lakes full and vibrant with colourful surrounding crops contrasting the lakes.
  • October-January - Good Conditions, most lakes full and colourful.  Surrounding crops have been harvested, so farmland is brown stubble.
  • February-March - Fair Conditions, less lakes will have water in them, many will be white salt-pans. Surrounding farmland is brown stubble.
  • April-July - Good Conditions, lakes have begun to refill after Summer.  Colour vibrancy will vary depending on temperatures and rainfall. New crops provide a beautiful green backdrop.